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Welcome to School Loop

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Q. What do I use for my login name and password?

       A. Teachers and District Staff- Use your district login.  This would be the same as OWA (District E-mail).  If you do not know your district login, please contact the Help Desk @ 530-406-3110. 

Q. How can students access School Loop?

       A.  Every student at your school site should have a School Loop account.  If students do not know their username (lunch ID) or password, your administrators or School Loop Liaison (at your school) you can request this information by emailing the WJUSD Help Desk at

Q. How can parents access School Loop?

      A.  Parents must register at your school site's School Loop.  Parents will need their child's student number and a functional email address.  

Q. If I have questions and need help for School Loop, who can I contact?

     A.  If you have questions about School Loop, you may do the following:

     1) If you need help with School Loop specific questions, click on the red "Help" link at  the top of this page. The Help section has an abundance of  information about School Loop.  Teachers can also submit a ticket directly to School Loop for additional help, see picture below.  

     2) If you have issues with class rosters, course conflicts or any data related issues, please submit contact your administration and/or the School Loop Liaison (at your school).

     3) Lastly, the WJUSD IT Department can be reached at   

Q.  My gradebook is current.  How come my students only see old grades in their School Loop portal?  

      A.  When adding grades to your assignments, make sure you click on the “Publish” button.  If you do not click on the Publish button their scores will not appear on their School Loop Progress Report.  Remember, anytime you enter new grades and/or make changes to the gradebook, you need to click the “Publish” button.  By doing so, will allow students and/or parent/guardian(s) to have the most to update grades.