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Who to Contact for Help

1) If you have questions about how to use the School Loop gradebooks, click on the red "Help" link at the top of this page. The Help section has an abundance of information about School Loop.  Teachers can also submit a ticket directly to School Loop for additional help, see picture below.  Or teachers may email  



2)  If you have issues with class rosters, course conflicts or any data related issues, please contact school adminstration or school registrar.

Training for Gradebook

Gradebook Submission

   1.  Course and Student Roster Verification

   2.  Gradebook Preparation and Use

   3.  Grade Submission

Gradebook Submission FAQ's

 Q. Do I need to submit a grade for dropped students?

       A.  If you have verified that the a student is not longer enrolled in your course and does not need a grade for the course, you do not need to submit a grade for this student. In the grade submission window, you can uncheck the box next to the dropped student's name so that you are not required to submit a grade for this student. However, please verify the process with your site administration and/or registrar to verify their specific policy regarding dropped students.

Q. I don't see my student in the grade submission window?

       A. Verify that the student appears in your gradebook roster. If not, follow the instructions for How to Unhide Students in the Gradebook.  Once your roster has been updated. Click the Reload Source button within the Grade Submission window and reload the gradebook to refresh the student roster.

       If you do not see your student's name on your gradebook roster, please contact your site administration or site web developer, and they will be able to make the necessary changes

Q. I don't see a Grades Due window on MyPortal?

      A. Check with your site administration or school registrar to verify that your site's grade submission window is still open. 

Q. I submitted my grades on School Loop, so why can't my students see their grades?

      A. Students can only view grades that have been published in the gradebook. If you only submitted grades in the Grades Due window, then these grades are not visible to students and parent/guardians. Similarly, if you made changes to grades within the Grades Due window, but did not go back and reflect these changes in your gradebooks, the students and parent/guardians will not be able to see these revised grades.